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Cross-Platform App Development is Dead, Long Live Cross-Platform App Development!

Yesterday marked a bitter sweet moment in the world of mobile development: Xamarin, a tool that has been instrumental in the evolution of cross-platform mobile applications, was officially archived. This news brings a mix of emotions for me. As a… Continue Reading →

Translate spoken text using Whisper and GPT with Azure OpenAI Services and .NET MAUI

In a previous blogpost, I showed you how to leverage the Whisper model on Azure OpenAI Services to transcribe an audio file to text. We can easily take this a step further: instead of just returning the speech as text,… Continue Reading →

I Wrote a book…

TLDR; I’ve written a book about applying the MVVM pattern in .NET MAUI called “The MVVM Pattern in .NET MAUI: The definitive guide to essential patterns, best practices, and techniques for cross-platform app development”. I’m super excited about this! If… Continue Reading →

Exploring the Whisper model in Azure OpenAI Service

Whisper model in Azure OpenAI Service   Recently Microsoft announced that Azure OpenAI Service and Azure AI Speech now offer the OpenAI Whisper model in preview (link) “Whisper” is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system developed by OpenAI. It’s trained… Continue Reading →

Font Awesome Duotone icons in .NET MAUI and Xamarin.Forms

In almost all of my mobile apps, I use Font Awesome to display icons. It’s a huge library and it’s super easy to use in .NET MAUI and Xamarin.Forms. You can even use the ‘Duotone’ icons which have 2 colors… Continue Reading →

Setting up a basic MVVM architecture in .NET MAUI

Update December 2023 This blogpost was originally posted in February 2022. Since then, .NET MAUI and my insights have evolved a bit. On the other hand, lots of the things discussed in this blogpost are still valid today. However, if… Continue Reading →

Fixing video file not streaming from Azure Blob Storage on Android

Oh ooh! Video file not streaming on Android… While developing a Xamarin.Forms app, we encountered an issue where an mp4 file wouldn’t play on Android, on iOS everything worked perfectly! To display the video we are using the MediaElement from… Continue Reading →

Fixing build issue in MAUI preview 8

Since a few week I’ve been playing around with preview builds of .NET MAUI. Installing MAUI Preview 8 A couple of days ago Microsoft released the latest preview version of MAUI: preview 8. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve followed every… Continue Reading →

Multi targeting based on file name in MAUI

The MAUI way: a single Project With Xamarin.Forms, we typically had this kind of project structure: A shared project, containing all of our shared code and different ‘head’ projects for each platform you want to target. This isn’t the case… Continue Reading →

Select TextBox content when tab focussed in UWP

For a LOB application I’m building, one very important request is the fact that users should be able to input/edit data as fast as possible. Allowing users to use the tab key to navigate from one input control to another… Continue Reading →

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