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Cross-Platform App Development is Dead, Long Live Cross-Platform App Development!

Yesterday marked a bitter sweet moment in the world of mobile development: Xamarin, a tool that has been instrumental in the evolution of cross-platform mobile applications, was officially archived. This news brings a mix of emotions for me. As a… Continue Reading →

Translate spoken text using Whisper and GPT with Azure OpenAI Services and .NET MAUI

In a previous blogpost, I showed you how to leverage the Whisper model on Azure OpenAI Services to transcribe an audio file to text. We can easily take this a step further: instead of just returning the speech as text,… Continue Reading →

I Wrote a book…

TLDR; I’ve written a book about applying the MVVM pattern in .NET MAUI called “The MVVM Pattern in .NET MAUI: The definitive guide to essential patterns, best practices, and techniques for cross-platform app development”. I’m super excited about this! If… Continue Reading →

Font Awesome Duotone icons in .NET MAUI and Xamarin.Forms

In almost all of my mobile apps, I use Font Awesome to display icons. It’s a huge library and it’s super easy to use in .NET MAUI and Xamarin.Forms. You can even use the ‘Duotone’ icons which have 2 colors… Continue Reading →

Setting up a basic MVVM architecture in .NET MAUI

Update December 2023 This blogpost was originally posted in February 2022. Since then, .NET MAUI and my insights have evolved a bit. On the other hand, lots of the things discussed in this blogpost are still valid today. However, if… Continue Reading →

Fixing build issue in MAUI preview 8

Since a few week I’ve been playing around with preview builds of .NET MAUI. Installing MAUI Preview 8 A couple of days ago Microsoft released the latest preview version of MAUI: preview 8. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve followed every… Continue Reading →

Multi targeting based on file name in MAUI

The MAUI way: a single Project With Xamarin.Forms, we typically had this kind of project structure: A shared project, containing all of our shared code and different ‘head’ projects for each platform you want to target. This isn’t the case… Continue Reading →

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