Hi there, my name is Pieter Nijs. I know, it isn’t easy for a non-Dutch speaking person to know how to pronounce my name. Pieter is just like ‘Peter‘ in English, don’t mind that extra ‘i‘. My last name… Well… saying ‘nice‘ resembles the Dutch pronunciation the strongest. I’ve also heard English people saying something like ‘nidge‘… That’s OK for me as well.
The funniest anglicisation of my name sounded somewhat like ‘Pie eater ninjas‘. Therefore, ‘Pie Eating Ninjas‘ became my nickname.

I’m foremost passionate about mobile and cloud development, in combination with some DevOps. As I am primarily interested in the Microsoft stack, this translates to technologies and tools like .NET, C#, Xaml, Xamarin, MAUI, UWP, Azure, Visual Studio, Git, Azure DevOps,  …

Currently, I work as a Senior .NET Consultant, mainly focusing on Xamarin, MAUI, Windows Development and Azure. Both at work as well as in my spare time I am constantly working and playing with these and other new technologies.

I like to tell everybody about the things I do, sharing my knowledge. Hence you can find me speaking at conferences, giving trainings and blogging here at blog.pieeatingninjas.be

This blog will mainly consist of blog posts about these technologies. Things I came across, issues that I bumped into and needed to solve, PoCs that I’ve built and would like to share with the world…

I hope you enjoy my blog!